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Spot Cryo is an overall great way to relieve the aches and pains from training and everyday life.


Targeted pain, inflammation & swelling reduction

Localized Cryotherapy, or “Spot Treatments”, are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in specific targeted areas. This allows us to focus on a very specific area without having to freeze surrounding areas as well. This can include but not limited to specific joints such as knees, elbows, shoulders or specific muscle groups such as hamstrings and quads. A single localized treatment will last only 5-10 minutes and is perfect for all sports from rugby players to CrossFit athletes. It is also a great tool for enhancing the recovery process post injury/surgery or to relieve aches in pains due to overuse and abuse from daily work and activities.

Cryo Facials are a face-focused type of cryotherapy, also known as “Frotox.” Here’s how it works. You sit back and relax, just like getting a traditional facial, except instead of exfoliating creams, fancy peels and aggressive attractions, your face is frozen. Deep-freeze temps and beams of vaporized liquid nitrogen instantly shrink enlarged, oily pores and increase the circulation of clean, fresh blood to your face. Leaving you looking fresh faced with a cool glow.

We recommend pairing this treatment with another service offered at Cultivate Recovery.

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What is Spot Cryotherapy?

Also known a localized cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas.

What is the difference between spot cryotherapy and cryotherapy chamber?

Unlike whole body cryotherapy, which stimulates cold receptors all over the body in order to trigger an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response, local cryotherapy is comparable to “icing”, although much more powerful and efficient. Local Cryo can also be used on the face and neck, which can’t be accessed in a whole body cryotherapy chamber. 

What to expect?

Each treatment generally takes 5-10 minutes depending on the area of concern.

What should I wear?

Wear loose fitting clothes that allow the area of concern to be easily accessed. Don’t worry you will you’re your own private room.

Who is it for?

The advantages of spot cryotherapy can be used by a wide variety of people. This can assist from soft tissue injuries, reducing inflammation to assisting with skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

How often should I come?

This all depends on the required treatment. Our staff will have recommendations for each individual.

What is a Cryo Facial?

This facial is purely done with Nitrogen Vapours. Also know as “freeze therapy” this help to reduce the primary agers redness, puffiness and inflammation.

Should I wear make up?

Each treatment is 12 min in length and can be done with make up on.

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